रंगमंच तथा विभिन्न कला माध्यमों पर केंद्रित सांस्कृतिक दल "दस्तक" की ब्लॉग पत्रिका.

शनिवार, 17 नवंबर 2012


The present students ,teachers,staffs and all passouts of NSD including indian theatre fraternity has right to know all present cultural policies of a public national drama school which runs with autonomy system thoroughly. Policy analysis now matters a lot in your hyper partisan political lobby backed system you govern in the name of guiding nsd administration. All has equal rights to analyse and investigate in details the organisations budgeting,personnel matters and cultural policies, within the context let the institution be open to examinations of major policy formations , advocacy and implementation with broad based free public access, for many years the chairman of NSD always remained a silent admirer
 and spectator of evil political party backed and evil bureaucrats backed directors sleaze system of governing with selfish beneficial lobby functioning which created negative infras
tructural norms, these stance of yours always supported the negative corrupt manipulations of directors who did corrupt practices in the name of governing the institution, like recruitment of teachers in non democratic ways, selecting own friends theatre shows in illegal ways in bharat rang mahotsab, sponsoring own group theatre members and making lobby for ghetto, isolated anti public existence in fear of exposition of all malpractices, even damaging the repertory company, Extension proogramme and teaching resources, TIE, NSD infrastructure with muscle powes etc, if you were more strict and concerned about all these matters today the prestigious natioanl institution would not have been in such crisis, now new complexities arrived with director selection with same earlier evil political ways , being puppets of evil powers and selfish own interests. be more strict, open to public, mix with public , artist communities and student communiities , dont be always in isolated glass rooms of yours in the synthetic cocoon of elite pseudo intellectual aristocrats.Only Synthetic Ideas of maharani bagh and greater kailash is not enough to read indian theatre and practice of a national theatre institutute. mix with people,know their views. be more open to accept public reveiws of all your cultural policies in democratic manner for better future of public national school of drama. for the best welfare of all students and indian theatre fraternity, break down the secret walls, let there be light. let the sunshine in. 
Free speech zindabad.

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