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Author:  Satyabrata Rout
Published by Vijaya Books, Delhi,  
 ISBN no: 978-93-81480-25-0                                        

ON THE CROSS ROADS OF THEATRE is published recently by Vijaya Books, Delhi. The book broadly covers my 30 years work experiences with many personalities along with academic informations. The foreword and introduction is written by Sri Ratan Thiyam and Prof. D.R Ankur. The cost of the book is Rs. 750.00. But this will be available to the theatre students and Rangkarmis (Theatre practitioners) with 40% concession. If anyone interested in this book please write to me.
Mob. phone: +91-9959807901

Sri Ratan Thiyam wrote...
Satyabrata Rout’s On the Crossroads of Theatre strives to present a survey of Indian Theatre with a flavour of transnational modernity and transitional identities. It is also a rare retrospective of his journey in the world of theatre and serves as a multi-cuisine for those who are travelling with performing arts. There are unforgettable moments in some of the chapters where the author describes his own learning process of swimming in theatre with his own skills. The problems and sufferings he was going through to attain an artistic satisfaction is a fascinating experience.

While depicting many technical aspects including production and design in Indian theatre he doesn’t leave behind covering of the pace of change which has been accelerated by twenty-first century in the making of Indian theatre. What happens in the closed doors of theatre making always remains a mystery and trying to share some test of those happenings calls for an appreciation because a spectator really knows very little of the process of theatre making.

I have enjoyed immensely while going through this book which is not merely technical information but also a portrayal of individual responsibilities, human relationship and challenge in Theatre.

Ratan Thiyam
                                                                                                                                                                 Chairman                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Chorus Repertory Theatre, Imphal


Prof. D.R Ankur wrote...

Very few practitioners in Indian theatre have ventured into writing about their own work expriences and theories. Satyabrat Rout is an exception. He is a practitioner as well as a teacher, therefore, his first book titled On the Crossroads of Theatre is a combination of both of his qualities – theory and practice. There is a third part also which needs special attention. This deals with his long time association with B.V. Karanth. In a way, this book is like gurudakshina by a pupil to his teacher. It is needless to state that all the different shades of karanth have been minutely portrayed in a touching way.
At the same time his writings on space, masks and scenic design are also worth study for a student as well as a research scholar. For me, reading the book was like going down the memory lane as I myself have been associated with all the personalities, happenings and productions mentioned and discussed in the book. The book also presents a long journey of 30 years covered by the author himself, first as a trainee and then as a full-fledged practitioner. No doubt the author has made an identity of his own through his work as a designer and a director all these years. His personal viewpoint towards different concepts and personalities is very strongly reflected in his writing again and again. At the end, we have a picture of a person who has gone through all kind of phases – good or bad in his life and acquired a maturity which could dictate him to put his ideas into writing.

The author Satyabrat Rout was earlier known to me as a student, then as an associate designer and now as a person who has tried to theorize and memorize his practice and experience in theatre. I whole-heartedly welcome his maiden attempt in this direction.

Prof. Devendra Raj Ankur
National School of Drama
New Delhi




  i.     Truth is like a Glow worm           
 ii.     Lest I should forget...How shall I create?

1.        Turning Point
2.        Another Space...another Time
3.        Reminiscence
4.        Scenic design in Indian Theatre
5.        You don’t need a space to tell the story
6.        What is your Colour
7.        Rangmandal: The Paradise lost
8.        Mask: A face in disguise
9.        Blind men and the Elephant -It’s all about Perception
10.      The Bio-Dramatic Experience of finding one-self                     
11.     The saga of Indian Theatre
12.     The Karanth Factor
i)      The Issue of Postmodernism in Indian Theatre

Satyabrata Rout A well known theatre Artist, a product of National School of Drama, 

N.Delhi. A creative Director and an imaginative Theatre Designer from India.

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