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बुधवार, 8 फ़रवरी 2012

Meta Award for Theater 2012 Nominees

About Meta

A Note from Mr.Anand Mahindra

Theatre and business would seem at first glance to be strange bedfellows. I firmly believe however that a contribution to the Arts is also a contribution to the triple bottom line. Theatre is an art form that holds up a mirror to society and a powerful medium for social change. It shows us a new way to see our world, and develops and nurtures other performing arts like music and dance within its fold. It is a field that is often neglected, especially when compared to film, which is the more glamorous sibling, and deserves wider corporate support. With The Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards we are in a way, setting the stage for this, by showcasing modern theatre and recognizing excellence in this field. There is another link between theatre and business. Whether we are on Broadway or in business, it is ultimately innovation and creativity that will help us leave a mark on the Globe. Theatre is a powerful vehicle for nurturing and enhancing these qualities that are as important in the real world of business as in the make-believe world of theatre. These Awards continue and intensify Mahindras’ association with theatre, which started some years ago in the form of support for regional theatre in Mumbai, followed by the inter-collegiate Theatre Festival in Delhi to support emerging theatre. We hope one day in the not too distant future, to take another step forward by establishing the Mahindra Academy for Excellence in Theatre.

2012 Nominees

Best Play:

  • Adhe Adhure (Prime Time Theatre)
  • A Far Cry (NT Theatre)
  • Baghdad Wedding (Akvarious Productions)
  • Journey To Daakghar (Kasba Arghya)
  • Nagamandala (Zerifa Wahid Production)
  • Samjhauta (The Fact Rangamandala)
  • Santaap (Rangasram)
  • Sup-Ek-Prahashan (Akhara Gharnatya Prasikshan Kendra)
  • The Game ( Raell Padamsee's Ace Productions Pvt. Ltd.)
  • The 39 Steps (Evam Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.)

Best Director:
  • Abinash Sarma (Nagamandala)
  • Akarsh Khurana ( Baghdad Wedding)
  • Ashim Kr. Sharma (Sup-Ek-Prahashan)
  • Bhargav Ramakrishnan (The 39 Steps)
  • Lillete Dubey (Adhe Adhure)
  • Manish Mitra (Journey To Daakghar)
  • Ningthounja Deepak (A Far Cry)
  • Praveen Kumar Gunjan (Samjhouta)
  • Sam Kerawala (The Game)
  • Sandip Bhattacharya (Santaap)

Best Stage Design:
  • Abinash Sarma (Nagamandala )
  • Bhola Sharma ( The Game)
  • Bhola Sharma & Lillete Dubey ( Adhe Adhure )
  • Sanchayan Ghosh (Journey to Daakghar)
  • T. Shachikumar (A Far Cry )

Best Lighting Director:
  • Ashim Kr. Sharma & operator Ranel Huffain (Sup-Ek-Prahashan )
  • Chandan Das & Manish Mitra (Journey to Daakghar)
  • Mrinaljyoti Goswami (Nagamandal)
  • Pradeep Vaidyya (Adhe Adhure )
  • Pritham Kumar (The 39 Steps) 

Best Innovative Sound Design:
  • N. Tiken ( A Far Cry)
  • Papu Dutta (Sup-Ek –Prahashan )
  • V. Chandran ,Avijit Chakroborty & Priyali Das (Journey To Daakghar )
  • Veda Shankar (The 39 Steps )
  • Yashinur Rehman (Nagamandala)

Best Costume Design:
  • Ashim Kr. Sharma ( Sup-Ek-Prahashan )
  • Kritika Natarajan (The 39 Steps )
  • K. Priyobarta & T. Memme (A Far Cry )
  • Manish Mitra (Journey To Daakghar)
  • Rani Dutta Boruah (Nagamandal )

Best Actor in a Leading Role (Male):
  • Alyque Padamsee (The Game )
  • Faisal Rashid(Baghdad Wedding)
  • Manvendra Kumar Tripathi ( Samjhauta )
  • Mohan agashe (Adhe adhure)

Best Actor in a Leading Role (Female):
  • Lillete Dubey (Adhe Adhure )
  • Nipram Dhanapati Devi as Kusum (A Far Cry)
  • Sabira Merchant (The Game )
  • Zerifa Wahid ( Nagamandala)

Best Supporting Actor (Male):
  • Ashim Kr. Sharma (Sup Ek Prahashan)
  • Ningthouja Jayveda as father (A Far Cry)
  • Sandeep (Santaap )
  • Karan Pandit ( Baghdad wedding)

Best Supporting Actor (Female):
  • Ira Dubey ( Adhe Adhure )
  • Jolly Laskar (Nagamandala)
  • Pranati Bora (Sup-Ek-Prahashan)
  • Renu Abrahim (The 39 steps )

Best Original Script:
  • Ashim Kr. Sharma (Sup Ek Prahashan )
  • Budha Chingtam ( A far cry)
  • Hasan Abdulrazzak (Baghdad Wedding )
  • Manish Mitra (Journey To Daakghar)
  • Bacchi kerkia ( The Game)

Best Ensemble:
  • Journey to daakghar
  • Nagamandala
  • Santaap
  • Sup-Ek -Prahashan
  • The 39 steps

Best Choreographer:
  • Anita Sarma (Nagamandala )
  • Manikandan Thirumurthy (The 39 steps)
  • Manik Bora Borbayan & Ashim Kr.Sharma (Sup Ek Prahashan )
  • Ningthounja Deepak (A Far Cry)
  • Partha Bandhopadhyay (Santaap )

Jury 2012

Mukund Padmanabhan, Amal Allana, Ananda Lal, Darshan Jariwala and Soumik Bandyopadhyay

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