रंगमंच तथा विभिन्न कला माध्यमों पर केंद्रित सांस्कृतिक दल "दस्तक" की ब्लॉग पत्रिका.

गुरुवार, 15 नवंबर 2012


''टैगोर एक महान कवि थे लेकिन नाटककार दोयम दर्जे के थे.'' गिरीश कर्नाड के इस कथन पर अपनी आपत्ति जाता रहें हैं रुद्रदीप.

A second grade mediocre playwright according to you cannot write plays like Raktakarabi, Dakghar, Bisarjan, Achalayatan etc, it is not surprising then that tagore,s works are indicative of both in digenous as well as foreign influences, which was closely observed by him in his childhood. understanding tagore,s plays therefore requires a basic understanding of the milieu in which he was brought up.Tagore spent lot of time with great theatre practitioners and performers in his own home from child hood,his own brothers girindranath and jyotirindranath were both connoisseurs of european and indian theatre, he was raised with rich theatrical background. tagore was deeply impressed by sir Henry Irving and Sir Ellen terry of london theatre, he was regular visitor in savoy theatre and many theatres during his stays at london.great theatre director of public theatre sisir kumar bhaduri then in bengal was a great admirer of tagores plays and his vision, for your kind reference Badal sarkar himself also directed Raktakarabi. Research more.
Great modern Indian theatre director sambhu mitra is remembered for his directorial creations on tagore plays. still now many young powerful avant garde contemporary theatre directors experimenting with tagore,s plays with lot of innovative ideas, if his plays are trash and ordinary so many senior and young theatre directors now would not have shown interest to direct his plays with experimentations in india and abroad.
It is a pity and tragedy that the there is a financial bussiness fund game with tagore,s name running for many years from government cultural organisations , private org etc etc with short cut ordinary theatre productions in india which didnt showcased his plays with professional creative standard, thats doesnt mean that hhis plays are ordinary and substandard.
characters like bishu pagol in raktakarabi and thakurda of dakghar , etc etc has lot of potential subaltern identities which are not embedded with aristocratic influence as mentioned by you, read carefully with directors mind not academic mind.
i dont wrote this letter as abengali worshipper of tagore, i myself deconstructed his texts in performance a lot, and i accept him as a world dramatist not a bengali public myth tagore.
as a subjective understanding of yours i welcome your take,it s yr right ,its not ever a public view at all right now in india,though i myself dont agree at all to your comments.

If tagore was a mediocre dramatist ,then in our indian theatre history Great Indian directors like sisir kumar bhaduri,Sambhu mitra, kumar roy,Badal sarkar, Ratan thyam, Kanhailal , Mk raina , chetan dattar, etc etc would not have explored or done experiments with tagores plays and made succesful Powerful theatre productions in India. Even many world 
theatre directors like Great German Avant garde theatre director Mehring would not have shown interest to direct and explore his plays. now in Indian theatre and in bangladesh and in our subcontinent also many young theatre directors are exploring tagores plays with lot of innovative ideas, they are doing lot of experiments in contemporary theatre with his plays, Earlier great theatre directors of India like sambhu mitra is known for his path breaking direction with tagore plays and widely accepted from indian theatre audience and intellectuals, when we see raja theatre production of Ratan thyam and dakghar of heisnam kanhailal at present indian theatre practice with tagore,s plays we can find out in indian theatre a new language of dram turgy and theatre vision embedded in tagore,s plays. so please do more research on his plays and theatre vision. i always like your bold statements and your subjective comments, but i do not agree personally to this statement of yours, even it is not a over all view of Indian theatre fraternity. please rethink about your perceptions on tagore as a dramatist and put up factual and solid references to analyze his weaknesses and mediocrity. i will definitely look and think if you come up with solid questions and criticisms on tagore plays. so lets discuss and debate other than worshipping tagore as a myth or criticizing him as a mediocre trash playwright, lets discuss more with proper critical appreciation. let us all analyze scientifically.

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